A small 14-year-old girl has been left traumatised after an “horrific and awful” sexual assault by at least three men in Victoria.


The girl was sexually assaulted twice by a violent, drunken gang of men in the early hours of Sunday after they found her and her 16-year-old male friend sitting in St Albans Park in Geelong after leaving a nearby party.

The teenage boy ran for help after he was kicked and punched as he pleaded for the four big, stockily built men in their mid 20s, to leave the girl alone.

While the teen was gone they picked up the girl and carried her to the front yard of a house on the park’s boundary where three of them sexually assaulted her.

They also took her to a nearby house where the violent assault continued.

She was found an hour later when she knocked on the door of a random house nearby.

The girl, who is not from Geelong, is unable to tell police where she was taken or what the house looked like.

Detective Senior Sergeant Jason Walsh said the girl has been extremely brave.

“She is absolutely devastated and traumatised by what has happened,” Det Sen Sgt Walsh told reporters on Wednesday.

“She hasn’t been able to go into great deal about what happened, specifically in the house, but what she has told us is horrific and awful.”

Police are hoping at least one of the men will come forward as he showed “some kind of conscience” by walking the girl back to the park and discussing ways she could call for help.

That same man was warned by the teenage boy that the girl was only 14, but joked to his friends that the assault could continue because the girl was 18, police say.

It’s believed he wasn’t involved in the first assault but it is unclear whether he was involved in the second.

The men were carrying bottles of beer and police believe they are local to the area and were possibly on their way home from a party or watching the rugby.

Detectives are door-knocking the area to find the house where the second assault took place.

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