A Melbourne man who tweeted death threats to police and urged Islamic State to behead captives has allegedly breached his community corrections order by accessing social media.


Khodr Moustafa Taha, 36, was handed the two-year order in May and banned from using social media after he pleaded guilty to 10 charges, including using a carriage service to threaten.

Taha appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Wednesday, and documents show he is accused of accessing social media in September, failing to attend for drug testing and failing to report for unpaid community work as directed.

His matter was adjourned and he will appear before deputy chief magistrate Jelena Popovic on December 10.

Ms Popovic sentenced Taha to the community corrections order instead of jail, saying at the time there was a causal connection between his offending and a drug-induced psychosis he experienced from October to December last year.

“Notwithstanding the public interest in this matter generated by Mr Taha’s threats and seemingly Jihadist sympathies, Mr Taha is not, in my view, a vehicle for a wide application of the notion of `general deterrence’,” she said at the time.

Taha had been arrested in January following the Twitter rant that condoned terrorist behaviour and was racist, misogynistic and threatening.

“An officer will die,” he tweeted to Victoria Police.

Another tweet urged Islamic State to behead captives.

“As soon as you get them, execute them, film it, send it to the parents of the victim,” the tweet read.

Ms Popovic noted Taha never engaged in any acts of terrorism or behaviour that indicated he intended to.


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