An former student of an elite Melbourne school on trial for murder was so deluded he thought he could make himself immortal by injecting printer ink into his veins, a court has heard.


Easton George Woodhead at times believed he was God, that he had a connection to the devil, and that he could receive messages through his X-Box, defence barrister Michael Tovey SC has told a jury.

Woodhead, 20, has pleaded not guilty to murdering homeless man Morgan Wayne “Mouse” Perry last year on the grounds of mental impairment.

Mr Perry, 42, was admitted to The Alfred hospital on the morning of January 5, where he was pronounced dead from blood loss caused by multiple stab wounds.

Mr Tovey told the Victorian Supreme Court on Thursday there is no dispute Woodhead stabbed Mr Perry, but said Woodhead suffers from schizophrenia.

He believed that if he injected himself with printer ink it would make him immortal, Mr Tovey said.

Crown Prosecutor Michele Williams earlier said the jury would hear evidence Woodhead seemed “normal” just hours before the stabbing.

She said Woodhead believed Mr Perry had stolen his motorbike and went to Enterprise Park just before 5am to retrieve it after several hours of smoking marijuana.

He approached Mr Perry and produced a knife, announcing that 12 months ago he had discovered his father was a werewolf, she said.

He demanded Mr Perry help him with the bike and started throwing around his possessions when Mr Perry told him to piss off, the court heard.

Ms Williams said Woodhead then jumped on Mr Perry, who tried to defend himself.

The stabbing was so violent, Mr Perry’s hand was almost sliced off.

Ms Williams said the jury should take into account some of the rational decisions Woodhead made following the stabbing, such as disposing of the knife.

He may have been mentally ill but not to the extent that allows a defence here, she said.

“At the time of the killing he had a purpose,” she said.

The trial continues before Justice Jane Dixon.

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