The disappearance of an injured five-year-old Syrian boy with a man falsely claiming to be his father has sparked a Twitter campaign to find him.


The campaign #FindAzam has gained momentum since Azam Aldaham disappeared while waiting in hospital for treatment to a broken jaw.

Warning: the video below contains scenes which may cause distress

People are trying to find Azam Aldaham, 5, who was last seen in Belgrade with a broken jaw #FindAzam 杭州桑拿,杭州夜生活,/X1WMwKPuu8

— BBCPanorama (@BBCPanorama) October 1, 2015

Azam, one of the hundreds of thousands of refugees travelling through Europe, was first seen by a team of BBC journalists when he was receiving treatment for a swollen and bruised face in a tent in Belgrade.

He was alone and told the journalists, through an interpreter, that his father was back in Turkey and he was travelling with his uncle.

But then a man appeared in the tent and said “I am his father”.

“His mother stayed behind,” he said.

“We didn’t have the money, so we couldn’t all come together.”

The man took Azam and carried him to an ambulance.

An examination of Azam at the hospital showed he had a fractured jaw, but when the BBC called later to check on the five year old, the doctors said the man and Azam vanished. 

Azam did not receive the treatment he urgently needed.

It is not known how Azam was injured.


Azam’s story and his picture have since been circulating social media in an attempt to track down the boy and the man claiming to be his father. 

EUROPE WE NEED YOUR HELP. Azam MUST be found. Pls favorite + RT. @BBCPanorama @johnsweeneyroar @HumzaYousaf #FindAzam pic.twitter杭州桑拿会所,/pAs5c5JBE4

— Ricky Stevens (@ricomagico) October 1, 2015#findAzam 1/2 Azam Aldaham, 5, taken from Belgrade hospital by man in pink before treatment for broken jaw. Find him. pic.twitter杭州桑拿会所,/L7KXH6C45z

— john sweeney (@johnsweeneyroar) October 1, [email protected] Please help #FindAzam There’s growing concern in the UK for the safety of this injured Syrian child. See @BBCPanorama

— Neil Clements (@amiablecynic) October 1, [email protected]_HQ To help #FindAzam we have to find these men, going through border controls towards Western Europe. pic.twitter杭州桑拿会所,/DsQnHJRyvn

— Ricky Stevens (@ricomagico) October 1, 2015



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