Prosecutors have declined to charge Caitlyn Jenner over a California car crash that led to the death of another driver.


Authorities said Jenner was towing an off-road vehicle on a trailer behind a Cadillac Escalade on February 7 when she crashed into two cars, pushing one into oncoming traffic.

Driver Kim Howe was killed when her Lexus was hit by a Hummer.

“We believed from the start that a thorough and objective investigation would clear Caitlyn of any criminal wrongdoing,” Jenner’s lawyer Blair Berk said on Wednesday.

“We are heartened the district attorney has agreed that even a misdemenour charge would be inappropriate. A traffic accident, however devastating and heartbreaking when a life is lost, is not necessarily a criminal matter.”

The accident occurred before Jenner, formerly known as Bruce, announced she was transgender and transitioned into her new identity as Caitlyn.

Sheriff’s investigators previously determined that Jenner, 65, was travelling at an unsafe speed for the road conditions at the time and there was enough evidence to support a vehicular manslaughter charge.

The case was then referred to the district attorney’s major crimes division.

After the accident, Jenner released a statement expressing sympathy to everyone involved in the accident.

“I cannot pretend to imagine what this family is going through at this time. I am praying for them.”

Jenner is facing separate lawsuits by Howe’s stepchildren and the driver of the other car involved in the collision.

The crash has shadowed Jenner’s much-lauded transgender transition that was announced in a two-hour television special with Diane Sawyer.

A Vanity Fair cover story revealed her new identity, and a reality TV series I Am Cait chronicled her new life.

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